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is a big request that we get here at Denver RV Renovation. Custom RV work is, essentially, the heart of our business. So, you may be asking then: why did we make this a separate part of our website? The answer is that we handle a lot of things that fall on the “custom” side of RV work, but that don’t necessarily count as “renovation.” When people think renovation, they are usually thinking about remodeling a backsplash, or installing new flooring. They might not think of a lot of the other things that we can offer as part of our services.


To give you an idea of some of the projects that we’ve undertaken on the custom RV fabrication side of the business, here’s a few things that come to mind:

RV Solar Panels

How to install RV solar panels is a big question that we get a lot. Aside from mounting the panels and ensuring that you don’t have any leaks into the RV from the roof penetrations, wiring up a charge controller, battery bank, and other accompanying items takes a little bit of expertise. It is a fairly big project that definitely warrants the help of a professional.

LED Lights

LED light upgrades are also a huge request that we get, for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. LEDs these days are brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, while also offering big energy savings over standard lighting. They also have a much longer service life than standard bulbs, which means less worrying about brake lights, turn signals, or other safety lights going out.

For interior lighting, light strips around the cabin, or underneath shelves can help quite a bit with nighttime visibility, or add a nice touch of ambiance when relaxing in your RV. Some custom setups we’ve completed allow you to use home automation apps to sync up with music or set mood lighting for the occasion.

On the flip side of that, you need to make sure that the LED lights you select are compatible with your system, or that you have installed the auxiliary modules you need to make them work correctly. It’s not unheard of to run into problems with turn signals blinking quickly, lights only working intermittently, or other similar issues. That’s why we’re here to guide the way.

CB and HAM Radio

Do you have a nice new dual/tri/quad band mobile unit to install? Want to install a CB Radio so you can communicate with other RVs, truckers, and vehicles on the road? Need help installing a new antenna and wiring the coax around the RV? We can help you take care of the wiring, brackets, mounting sockets, ports, bungs – whatever you need help with.

RV Tankless Water Heater

Limitless hot water, especially nice when you are at a site with utility hookups and pump service!

Those are just a couple ideas to get you started. Every project is as unique as the customers that we serve. If you have some ideas that you’ve been kicking around, and you’re finally ready to get them down on paper and start making them a reality, give us a call!

You can reach us at 720-753-0717.




Whether it’s new RV furniture, or a complete kitchen/bathroom/bedroom remodel, we have you covered.


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RV Solar Panels, LED Lighting – your imagination is the limit when it comes to Custom RV fabrication.


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